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From cloud accounting to transport and logistics: A .cloud domain for all business

Today, top-level domain (TLD) .Cloud has reached a new milestone, celebrating its second year in business. Enabling businesses across all sectors with a modern approach to their online presence, .Cloud has flourished into a successful new TLD.

Today the Registry has surpassed 130,000 registrations across 175 countries, thanks to its partner network of over 90 registrars and resellers worldwide. The Registry is committed to supporting its partners growth and success, and helping businesses bring their ideas to life through a modern domain.

As the domain follows the evolution of cloud, .Cloud is excited to see the rise of next generation cloud services and platforms, as well as forward thinking startups and small businesses –  leading to creative expansion of the domain in 2018 and onwards.

Launching a business with a modern domain

In two years .Cloud has attracted businesses from a variety of sectors, such as Samsung’s IoT platform, (cloud application adoption), (online journaling), (accounting services), (business analysis), and (filesharing platform).

In the UK Alex Preece, co-founder of digital gift-card platform, registered his company’s domain when he saw an opportunity to change the way employers reward their employees.

“We were thrilled to get the domain to match - we really felt a modern domain like .cloud would help us attract the right customers. We pioneered this technology and continue to lead in the UK with our proprietary application.

“We keep building out the technology for our other markets which include U.S and a number EU countries to help employee benefit, reward businesses and customer acquisition businesses take full advantage from real time eGifts.”

The Internet of Everything will take centre stage in 2018

By putting all the information in the cloud, has made it easier for businesses to automate gift card management. It’s an example of how the Fourth Industrial Revolution will change the way we live and work – including autonomous cars, drones, smartphones and an endless library of mobile apps are producing massive amounts of both consumer and enterprise data.

In fact, by 2025 worldwide data is projected to reach 163 zettabytes, 10 times more than the amount produced in 2016. is an example of a business taking full advantage of the data revolution.

“.Cloud has become an increasingly popular domain since its launch two years ago. When launching RIO, we wanted to establish the first open and transparent cloud-based platform in the transport and logistic industry – independent of manufacturers”, said Markus Lipinsky, CEO of RIO, RIO.Cloud. “Partnering with the .Cloud domain was the obvious choice and emphasizes our message that our complete ecosystem is based in the cloud.”

By digitizing the supply chain, RIO not only brings transport and logistics ecosystem big step forward, but it also redefines customer relationships. With every day that passes, we’re living in a more connected world: the cloud will need to go beyond storage and scalability and move into real-time data crunching, prediction and AI, continuous learning, machine learning, cloud native apps.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is prompting exciting advancements and massive change. This naturally raises many questions around the future of industries, companies, jobs and how to keep up with the required skills, some of these questions have no clear-cut answers.

However, leaders will need to figure out how to remain relevant and competitive in this technically advanced landscape. Innovative solutions will be needed across all sectors, and a modern domain will emphasize that companies are adapting and leading this cloud-first future.


The .cloud Registry is the provider of the .cloud domain extension, which has been adopted globally by small businesses, rising startups and established enterprises. This modern domain extension is operated by Aruba PEC S.p.A., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Italian hosting giant Founded in 1994, is among the top 10 hosting companies in the world. To learn more about .Cloud, visit

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